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White House Digs Deep in Doctor Drawer for New Pandemic Point Man

( Tired of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s relentless truth-telling and gloomy outlook concerning the lingering pandemic, White House officials signaled this week that they were moving on and seeking to replace their COVID task force...


U.S. to Start Counting Each COVID-19 Fatality as Half a Death

( The COVID-19 death count in the United States is looking much, much better than it did a mere day ago. This comes after a Thursday decision by the newly-formed Asian Contagion Eradication Taskforce...


Blue Who? U.S. Hails 35K COVID-19 Deaths

( As communities large and small drew together on Wednesday to commemorate the historic 100,000 U.S. deaths that have been attributed to COVID-19, the official White House take was a little different: not so...

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