Georgia Federation of Mortuary Workers Files Suit Against State, Kemp

( With Georgia all set to become the first state to reopen large sections of its economy, one group is signaling its displeasure with the decision via a lawsuit.

“We are opposed to some industries being reopened, particularly with the ongoing coronavirus threat,” says Spiro Dunleavy, President of the Federation of Georgia Mortuary Workers (Union 10-100). “In particular, hair salons, nail salons, beauty parlors… that’s our wheel well. Go get a perm and a manicure and two weeks later wind up on one of our tables… what’s left to do?

“Don’t get me wrong: we appreciate the business,” Dunleavy says. “Just don’t cut into our profit margin, O.K.?”

Other businesses on the list of those slated to open Friday actually meet with the Mortuary Union’s approval.

“Bowling alleys, gyms, fitness centers… absolutely! Anything that results in a lower body mass, this makes our jobs easier. Think less muscle strain, fewer back injuries. For these businesses, Governor Kemp, knock yourself out,” Dunleavy says.

And businesses such as tattoo parlors? Dunleavy shrugs.

“So long as it’s not one of those stupid tribal face tatts, they don’t really affect us either way,” Dunleavy says.

“Hell of a waste of ink, though.”


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