Future Ex-President Impeachment Schemes Fuel Latest GOP Schism

( Rand Paul wants a crack at Jimmy Carter.

For Ted Cruz, only JFK will do.

And Lindsey Graham – perhaps channeling a certain golfing buddy – thinks Clinton should be given a second go-round.

Even before Trump’s second impeachment has ended, a fresh schism has broken out in Republican Senate ranks over which past Democratic ex-President should be impeached first. And if history is any, uh… wait. What?

“Democrats have opened the door on this with their second impeachment of President Trump,” says one top Republican party official. “He’s not even presidenting anymore, right? So, what’s good for the rooster…” Continue reading

Profiles in Politics: Susan Collins’ Clothier Gears Up For Impeachment Rush

( Sitting atop a gentle rise overlooking the lobster boats and piers that make up Belfast, Maine’s picturesque harbor, the petite warehouse that is home to Moderately Maineware isn’t much to look at. Neither, according to Brett Alexander, is its owner, and he should know.

As Moderately Maineware’s driving force, Mr. Alexander has been dressing Maine’s only Republican senator in wishy-washy pantsuits and indecisive dresses since 1996.

“We got but one client, and that is Susan Collins,” says Alexander during a rare break. Behind him, the warehouse is abuzz with the sounds of sewing machines, presses, and other industrial garment-making devices. “She keeps us busy though. You know, she’s super moderate and well, a gazillionaire, so she can afford all this.”

Alexander gestures to the surrounding crowd of workers, all of them his children, all of them fluent in “Mexican,” a language that the clothier taught to all the kids “when they were growing up, you know, after my wife gave birth to them.” Mrs. Alexander died in an industrial accident during the Bush administration.

“That was a busy time,” Alexander acknowledges, ”but nothing like now. We were setting records during the Kavanaugh hearings, me and the kids, but this impeachment thing? It’s insane!”
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Trump: “It Was a Perfect Bribe”

( After a week of damning testimony from former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and other State Department officials, President Trump has apparently fallen back to a more defensible position. A series of tweets on early Saturday admitted to offering Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky a bribe for dirt on political opponent Joe Biden.

To paraphrase Warren Zevon, however, his bribe… was perfect.

“Did I do it? Yes I did it, but you know what, I did it PERFECTLY!” Trump tweeted out early Saturday. “It wasn’t a half-assed bribe. It was full-assed, folks. Well EXECUTED, just the RIGHT AMOUNT, and delivered PERFECTLY by your favorite President.”
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