John Barron

Mini-Airplanes Seen as Cure for Pandemic Economic Pain

( With the coronavirus crippling large sections of the United States and thrusting much of its population into economic uncertainty, the Trump administration has been under increasing pressure to ease voters’ worries. While plans such as $1000 checks, tax cuts, and other stimulus proposals have generated some support, one audacious effort has become a surprising favorite of many politicians, regardless of party.

“What was it: a chicken in every pot? Well, now we’re looking at an airplane in every garage,” says a source close to the program that is proving popular with both Democrats and Republicans. The 2020 Mini Personal Airplane Recovery Act would seek to do what just a year ago would have seemed impossible: give a small airplane to every adult in America.

“It sounds demented, but there are actually a variety of benefits of such a program,” says The Penrose Papers’ Economics Editor Ted “Pudge” Pudgkowski.
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