Trump to Commemorate 1961 Civil Rights Ride With Series of Rallies

( It’s only been a couple of days since the Trump Administration announced that it would be resuming the President’s signature rallies in Tulsa. Some have expressed outrage that the rally would be held on the site of the Tulsa Race Massacre, AND on the anniversary of Juneteenth, the date the Emancipation Proclamation was first read to newly-freed slaves.

Despite this, President Trump has apparently gotten enough positive feedback to expand the rally into a series of events that will occur over the early weeks of July.

“Response to Tulsa rally, HUGE!” President Trump proclaimed in a pair of early morning tweets. “Just huge. Record crowd expected, bigger than George Floyd funeral. Can’t wait. And not stopping there! We’re going to tour the south, call it the ‘Freed’em Ride’. Freed, comma, em.

“You know why? Because we freed the American-Africans. Republicans. Abraham Lincoln, great guy. Not a great-looking guy, some people say, not a 10, but he looks great on a 10-dollar bill, right? Slaves free – they could pick their OWN cotton then, did you know that? USA USA!”

A commemoration of the original 1961 Freedom Ride, the Freed’em Ride will kick off July 5 in Washington DC and hit several spots in the South with campaign style rallies. The tour will include several stops on the original 1961 ride, including Richmond, Greensboro, Birmingham, and Nashville.

For those who want to get a start on celebrating this commemoration early, the online White House Gift Shop will begin offering “We All Can’t Breath” t-shirts starting on Monday.


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